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13 juin, 2009


Il est possible de consulter mon catalogue de DSAA en ligne. Pour cela, référez vous aux pages Tennis, Fair-Play et Pris au filet.


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2 juillet, 2007

*Gunpowder park*

I had the opportunity to exhibit my work at gunpowder park*

 Julie Picardat

Julie Picardat
(untitled)This work draws on forms of a ‘spider web’. Created by hands, these patterns interpret the landscape with woolen thread. The patterns are based on the artist’s previous work which is influenced and inspired by Chinese culture.
The thread draws patterns in the sky, and Julie is interested in the intimate relationship between her work and the natural environment.


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11 juin, 2007

Father’s day*

* Be a Daddy’s girl or boy!! *

Don’t forget daddy!!And get him a star on *



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4 juin, 2007

Brick Lane on Sunday***

Now you can find July*p stars on Brick lane on sunday!!

Last Sunday, was a very sunny day!Everybody was out!What a perfect day to set up my stars in the streets!! I’ve also met Luisa by chance, with who i did a work placement. She’s from Style Scout(see links) and she takes picts of people in the streets …here I am!!!


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24 mai, 2007

*Fete des meres*


 A very nice « duo » composed of a puffy star* and a brooche!!You can oder them from , a wonderful website for children wear!!

Un joli duo a faire offrir par un bout de chou : le doudou etoile, c’est pour lui et la broche etoile, c’est pour maman, et tout le monde est content !a decouvrir sur un site de vetement pour enfants incontournable!!!

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8 mai, 2007


dsc04308.jpg dsc04312.jpg

New!!!Hair clips and key rings!!

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26 avril, 2007



I had the great opportunity to exhibit my work at Saint-Martin’s. We organised a view with my classmates…cheerful atmosphere, with wine and crisps!!!

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10 avril, 2007


Cette année, dans mon jardin, pour paques, les cloches ont semées de jolies étoiles*!

boulo01.jpg  boulo02.jpg boulo03.jpg

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27 mars, 2007

**Spring Collection 2007**


My new collection of shooting stars is composed of many size, shapes and a blending  of different materials:  Liberty, polka dots,vintage fabrics(60′s n 70′s) and leather…


 detail01.jpg  detail04.jpg  detail02.jpg 

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*work experience***hAZELNUT sTudIo*

studio.jpg *It turned out that i found a workplacement in a company called Hazelnut Studio…we had been busy making patterns and prints for junior fahion industary, lingerie(victoria secret), stationnery and so on..

*I’v also been busy at school!!you can have an insight on st martin’s page…

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